Professional Catering Near Me

Professional Catering Near Me

We’re a professional catering company for South Orange County and surrounding areas who can assist with all of your catering needs no matter what type of event or how many people are planning to show up. We put a lot of effort into ensuring great food and excellent service: Hire us to find out what makes us one of the best.


Seasonally Inspired Menus


At Catered Courses, All of our menus are seasonally inspired, and this means that our menu is constantly changing to adapt to the seasons and what’s good and fresh right now. This keeps our chefs on our toes – and ensures that you’ll always have a new dining experience.


Fresh, Locally Sourced Ingredients


Our chefs work only work fresh and locally sourced ingredients to come up with the menu for each season. This means that we use only the best – and our experts spend the whole year finding the best, freshest ingredients in town, all grown locally and harvested responsibly.


All Events Covered


We cater to a range of different events so that you can feed everyone no matter what event, how many people show up or what their tastes might be. Here are some of the events we have covered:


  • Corporate lunch meetings
  • Commercial catering
  • Banquets
  • Special events
  • Holiday catering


A Dietary Conscious Caterer


We’re a dietary conscious caterer: All of our meals are healthy, and if you have any dietary restrictions or special needs all you have to do is let us know beforehand and we’ll adapt to the needs of your customers.


Contact Us Now


Contact us now to find out how our team of caterers can design the ideal menu for your event based on the current seasonal local flavors and let us know if you have any additional questions: We’re happy to help!