Private Dining

Private menus created by Chef Rick.

How We Co-Create with You!

We will send you a custom menu based on information that you provide in a menu consultation with one of our catering managers, but you will always have an opportunity to discuss your menu with our Chef in person or on the telephone. We want you to explore all of the possibilities of your menu and to create ideas in a collaborative effort based on your taste and budget.

Whether you’re looking for cooking classes in the comfort of your home, for someone to prepare a summer brunch for you and your closest friends on the terrace, or you’re ready for a private Chef to bring a taste of France to your dining room with a 7 course meal, Chef Rick will bring his “Catered Courses” to you.

Chef Rick takes a highly personalized approach that involves you and your guests. His process starts with a simple conversation. First you’ll talk about the culinary experience you’re looking for, then you’ll determine the number of courses, the types of meat, vegetables, and other ingredients that you and your guests will enjoy. You’ll even explore ways to infuse flavors of regional or ethnic foods. The courses are selected so that there’s a natural flow of flavors throughout the entire menu. Chef Rick will also help you to create wine pairings and other beverage selections that match the style and menu of your event.

Next, you’ll explore the tempo and feel you want your event to take on; Would you like Chef Rick to interact with your guests, or fade completely into the background; or he can be involved in presenting the unique appeal and inspiration of each course table side. It’s up to you.

Once you and Chef Rick have created the vision for the event and set a date, he’ll select the finest ingredients from various local sources when he and his team will prepare and present the food (and clean up after the event!)

“I started Catered Courses as an avenue for sharing my passion for food by creating a fine dining adventure in your home. It’s time for you to experience an evening where every flavor is savored, wines are matched beautifully and conversation flows. Pull up a chair, forget the outside world, enjoy.” ~ Chef Rick