Fall Vegetables in South Orange County

Fall Vegetables in South Orange County

As a company that prides itself on using fresh locally sourced ingredients the change in season means a change in inspiration for the dishes we provide. Summer offers the opportunity for vegetables of color. Tomatoes, Carrots, Cucumbers, among others, are the common edibles you will see in most people’s gardens around this time of year.

Fall is the time of the green vegetables. Fall is still a great time to grow, especially if planted early in the fall, or just at the end of summer. The Soil is still relatively warm, the amount of bugs decreases significantly, and the increased rainfall helps with the maintenance of the plants. Let’s look at some of the fall vegetables that inspire our dishes during this time of the year.



Although potatoes can be found all year round, when it comes to making dishes with locally sourced foods, it is hard not to take notice of the abundance of local potatoes around.


Broccoli grows well this time of year. Packed with nutrients and possessing a good taste Broccoli can be found in many dishes this time of the year.



The Greeks felt Cabbage could cure all ails. Socrates claimed to have cured himself of several ailments by eating a healthy dose of Cabbage. While cabbage may not be a cure for all that troubles you, fresh local cabbage can be found this time of the year, and in our dishes as well.